Our little business wants to be a big help. 
Here are questions people ask most frequently.


Q. Can I use my own material on one of your upholstered pieces?

A. Yes. In the interior design world this is called COM (Customer’s Own Material) and we can do this assuming that the fabric you choose can be upholstered successfully onto one of our products. We recommend you send us a swatch of fabric and tell us what pieces interest you. Then we will confirm that we can use it, the yardage you will need to order, where to send it and how this will affect the price. Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected].

Q. Can I get a custom piece of furniture made for me?

A. Yes, we can do custom work, typically as an extension of one of our existing designs. Please contact us so that we can work out the details and provide both cost and delivery time estimates. [email protected] is the best way to reach us.


Q. Can I get swatches of fabric and wood from your collections so I can see if they work in my space?

A. Sure. Just tell us what swatches you’d like to see as well as your mailing address and we’ll send them to you right away. Please use [email protected] for your requests.


Q. How long does it take to get furniture delivered once I place an order?

A. If you live in the New York Metro Area it generally takes 4-5 weeks to receive your furniture. Our furniture is made to order and this timing is really fast compared to other custom furniture manufacturers that take 10-12 weeks for delivery. We deliver within the Tri-State NY Metro Area three times per week. If you live outside of the New York Metro Area in the 48 continental states, it may take a little longer to get your shipment to you. This is because we have to consolidate your order with others that are going in your direction. Of course we believe that Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop furniture is worth a small wait, so please contact us and we will do our best to get you the goods as soon as possible.

Q. What about deliveries of items like bed and bath or accessories?

A.  These items go via UPS and can be delivered anywhere in the country in about 7 -10  days from the date of order. They are well packed, boxed and inspected for quality before we send anything to you.

Q. How do you deliver your furniture?

A. We take great care in delivering your furniture. It travels from our manufacturing facilities via furniture delivery services we have selected carefully. Our items are blanket wrapped and then encased in waterproof plastic to make certain that moisture and dirt stays away. Our furniture is sent using what is known as White Glove Service. This means that we deliver the piece to your home, unwrap it, place the item where you want it and then take the packing materials away. This allows you to inspect the items, accept them in writing and then enjoy them for years to come. If for some unlikely reason there is a defect in the manufacturing we will bring the item back and refund your money for the item.

If for some unlikely reason the furniture arrives and you do not like it, please have the shipper repack it and take back the furniture. We will issue you a full refund and only charge you for shipping.  

Our delivery people will call you at least a day in advance of your delivery to make sure that someone is available at your home to accept delivery. Then, about an hour before the actual delivery takes place we will call you again to make sure that you or someone else is there to accept delivery. We know that some buildings have prescribed delivery hours and we will do everything we can to make our deliveries during these times.

Q. Can you deliver faster?

A. We would never compromise quality of our manufacturing for speedy delivery. That being said, it’s possible that we do have inventory for selected items on hand so we might be able to get you things faster if they are already built.


Q. Is your furniture really made in America?

A. Our hardwood furniture is made in Bridgeport, Connecticut in a building that once was the Singer Sewing Machine plant, the largest sewing machine factory in the US. Our upholstered furniture is made in Stratford, Westport and Branford, Connecticut. We try to source as much as we can from the USA such as our nickel coated brass hardware, our leather and our sheets. We believe that this philosophy allows us to create jobs in this country, helps us insure quality control and cuts down on the carbon footprint for our deliveries.


Q. Why do you have your four collections: Manhattan, Bel Air, Nantucket and Aspen?

A. Our four collections all have very different looks and moods. They have been designed and curated by interior designer, Marcia Harris. She believes that coordinating a space makes it easier for the consumer and provides a cohesive look. The IBRshop believes in the modern idea of turnkey design. This means that you can buy a well designed room or an entire home with ease and style. In effect, you have the advantages of an interior designer working on your space without having to pay fees or furniture mark-ups.


Q. How do I buy a complete turnkey room?

A. It's easy to buy a turnkey room from us. Just call us at 1-203-303-ITSY or email us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help you coordinate the room or rooms you'll enjoy for years.


Q. I live in New York City and could use some assistance designing my apartment. Can you help?

A. For a limited time, we are offering a free design consultation in Manhattan and in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Q. I love your furniture but have no idea if will fit in my space. What do you suggest?

A. Send us a floor plan of your room or rooms and we can help you determine if our furniture fits. Chances are, it will.


Q. Can I buy yardage of the fabrics I see on your site?

A. Yes. Simply give us the fabric reference by color,  Collection and yardage requested. We will get back to you with a quote. Contact us at [email protected].

Q. Where can I buy paint colors that you show on your website?

A. Recommended colors are shown in our Lookbooks under Designer Notes. Each color is linked directly to the paint manufacturer so you can easily purchase the colors you want. 


Q. I run a boutique hotel, timeshare property, college dormitory or retirement community. I think your furniture would fit incredibly well in our place. I’d like to order your furniture in quantity. Do you offer quantity discounts?

A. Yes we do. Contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


Q. Is your furniture available in stores?

A. Nope. We are available online only. This helps eliminate the middleman and gives you the highest quality at a fair price. Were you to buy custom furniture similar to ours it would cost considerably more.


Q. Do you offer discounts to the trade?

A. Yes. We offer discounts to qualified interior designers, architects and developers. There is some paperwork required, so please contact us at [email protected] to get started.


Q. Can I buy stock in The Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop?

A. Not at this time. The Itsy Bitsy Ritz Shop is privately held, but we do have big plans for our little business.


Q. Is your custom furniture guaranteed?

A. Yes and here’s how our guaranty works. Once you accept delivery of our furniture the sale is final after 24 hours. You have a day to report any problems to us and we will take the piece back and refund your money for that item. Your only cost in this instance is the initial shipping charge. In addition, if there are any defects in the workmanship of our pieces for up to one year from the date of sale, you can return the item to us and get full merchandise credit for it.


Q. How do I get in touch with you folks?

A. The easiest way to get in touch is via email. Depending on what you’d like to discuss here are a few email options.

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